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              KEL 0.25pitch connector for micro coaxial cable

              更新:2016-9-14 12:32:48      點擊:
              • 品牌:   杰卡諾/JECANO
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              KEL 0.25mm pitch connector for micro coaxial cable

              KEL 0.25pitch connector for micro coaxial cable

              XSL series have a pitch of 0.25mm, the smallest in the industry, and are designed for #44 AWG and 46 AWG micro coaxial cables.

              Highly reliable design with effective contact displacement of 0.51mm.

              XSL series are designed to not reduce the superb data transmission performance of coaxial cables at connection points.

              The bottom shell of the cable-side connector are the intire shell of the board-side connector are plated with gold for positive contact while multiple ground terminals are provided for enhanced data transmission and EMI protection.

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